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Employer Guides

Employer guide - Accumulation Scheme


Employer guide - Retirement Scheme


Employer Guide - Defined Benefit Scheme


Funding and Solvency Certificate
This Certificate is effective from 12 November 2020 to 11 November 2024.  

Benefit Certificate
The period for which this Benefit Certificate is applicable is 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2025. 

Letter of Compliance

Payment Summary Advice
Information about which employer superannuation contribution amounts should be reported in the Payment Summaries of Retirement Scheme members.

Councillors contributing into super

Superannuation 'costs' for packaged/contract staff in the Retirement Scheme

Private use component of employer-provided motor vehicle instruction sheet and definitions
This fact sheet provides instructions on how to complete the private use component of an employer-provided motor vehicle sections of the spreadsheet.

If we can't process a contribution
If we refund a contribution we were unable to process, the Fund will keep any interest earned while we held that contribution.

useful articles

How to explore the indulgent benefits of salary sacrifice with your employees

Salary sacrificing may have a bit of a branding problem. After all, the word ‘sacrifice’ is right there at the end of it. By making your employees think of unnecessary restraint and self-denial, it doesn’t have the most appealing ring to it.

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Key considerations when selecting a default super fund as an employer 

As an employer who makes regular contributions to your employees' super, you want to ensure you're truly getting the most bang for your buck by selecting a default fund that offers a high rate of return consistently.

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Tips for helping your employees manage their super

Employee education might not sound very exhilarating but your staff will appreciate the time and concern of business leaders who prioritise their financial wellbeing, both now and into the future.

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What happens when an employer doesn't pay super

While at first glance, it may seem as though not contributing to your employees' super is a strategic way to save money, it would actually do more harm than good to a company.

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