member outcomes dashboard 2022/23

At Active Super, we’re here to deliver positive financial outcomes for our members by investing thoughtfully and actively. Here’s an assessment of how we performed in the last financial year.  

Trustee determination

Each year, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) requires all super funds to assess the performance of their products. 

We have determined that in the last financial year, all Active Super products have promoted the financial interests of our members by protecting and growing their money for retirement.

Important information 

This document contains information about past performance.  In considering this information, it is important to note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Our products

Our products are designed to help members:

  • Accumulate super while working 

    MySuper: Active Super Lifestage Product – This is our default super product that automatically adjusts members' investments as they age to suit the overall risk profile of investors in each age group.

    Choice Super - Members can also choose from Active Super's five additional investment options, selecting the one(s) that align to the member's specific goals and needs.

  • Enjoy a pension income stream when transitioning to and in retirement

    Active Super Pension – Allows members to receive regular income from the super that they have accumulated over their working life, and select the investment option(s) that align to their specific goals and needs.

Our rating scale

The overall outcome of our assessment for each product is expressed using the following rating scale:

Number of leavesDescription
Market leading - exceeds industry, peers and relevant benchmarks
Exceeds the majority of industry, peer and relevant benchmarks
Meets some or exceeds industry, peers and relevant benchmarks
Meets most, but may underperform some industry peers and relevant benchmarks
Meets some but underperforms the majority of industry, peers and relevant benchmarks
Lags industry, peers and relevant benchmarks