Responsible investment

We believe strong performance needs to be underpinned by responsible investment practices.

ESG consideration

We invest to deliver strong, long-term returns for members. ESG factors play an important role in the investment decisions we make across our portfolio, because we believe these issues can present significant risks and opportunities for long-term investment performance. ESG factors taken into account in our investment process may include: 

Our approach

Our responsible investment approach affects all our superannuation and account-based pension products, using a combination of ESG integration and active ownership strategies. For more information on how we invest, please read our responsible investment definition and our Responsible Investment Policy


Positive investments
We actively seek investment opportunities that can offset long-term environmental and social risks while delivering the right risk and return characteristics to meet our investment objectives for our members

Restricted investments
We have restrictions on investment in shares of companies involved with certain activities.
We take a strict line with some activities. For example, we restrict investment in companies that derive any revenue directly from the manufacture and/or production of nuclear weapons, land mines, or tobacco products.#
In other cases, we aim to limit investment based on, revenue directly attributable to those activities - for example, the manufacture and/or production of armaments and gambling machines, uranium and coal mining, and coal and nuclear electricity generation. See our Responsible Investment Policy and below for more details.

We monitor our investments for ESG risks and engage with our fund managers and advisors on how to integrate ESG considerations into the investment process.



We monitor and engage with selected companies we invest in on ESG issues through our investment managers, our involvement with industry groups and associations like the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) and CGI Glass Lewis and occasionally by direct engagement as an investor.
More broadly, we work with leading industry bodies to press for positive change on ESG issues.

Proxy voting
We aim to vote at shareholder meetings of the companies we invest in and generally publish our decisions on our website before the meetings take place.

We disclose information on our website about our holdings, proxy voting and responsible investment practices so members can see where and how their money is invested.

Investment restrictions with revenue thresholds

To limit our exposure to certain industries and activities, we apply investment restrictions across the Active Super listed equities portfolios. Some of our investment restrictions are based on revenue thresholds.  

We do not invest in listed company shares in developed markets that derive the following percentage or more of their gross revenue from the activities detailed below.


 Revenue thresholds*

Companies directly involved in the manufacture and/or production of tobacco products**, nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, or land mines


Companies that derive more than the revenue threshold from gambling***, armaments, uranium mining or nuclear power

10% or more

Companies that derive more than the revenue threshold from coal mining, oil tar sands mining, coal-fired electricity generation

33.3% or more

For more information on our investment restrictions, please read our responsible investment definition and our Responsible Investment Policy.

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