Thank you for joining us at the 2022/23 Active Super Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM). The AMM is an important event for all Active Super members to receive updates on the fund, learn about how the fund performed.

The AMM was held on Thursday, 7 March. You can review a recording of the meeting here. 

AMM 2022-23
Opening address
Kyle Loades, Chair
CEO’s address
Donna Heffernan, Acting CEO & Company Secretary
Our member focus
Chantal Walker, Chief Member Experience & Growth Officer
Investment update
Craig Turnbull, Chief Investment Officer
Q&A session
Closing address
Kyle Loades, Chair

*Agenda may change

Further information  

New regulations for super funds state that we need to provide certain information to you prior to our Annual Members’ Meeting.

Short-form expenditure and explanation for the 2022/23 financial year


Aggregate remuneration expenditure

$ 4,153,000

Aggregate promotion, marketing or sponsorship

$ 2,273,000

Aggregate political donations

$ -

Aggregate industrial body payments

$ 254,000

Aggregate related party payments

$ 43,313,000

Explanation for the short-form expenditure summary for the 2022/23 financial year


Aggregate Remuneration Expenditure

This represents remuneration for Active Super’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team, as well as fees paid to the Trustee’s Directors.
Amounts paid to Directors and Executives are paid from related parties and therefore are also included in Aggregate Related Party Payments.

Aggregate Promotion, Marketing or Sponsorship

The promotion, marketing or sponsorship expenditure includes activity relating to collateral and communication design, creation and distribution of education information and promotion of the Fund. Sponsorship, partnerships, advertising and media costs are also included in this amount.

Aggregate Political Donations

The Trustee does not make any political donations.

Aggregate Industrial Body Payments

This amount reflects payments to organisations registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 and includes payments for partnership arrangements that support member engagement and fund growth, including through advertising, marketing and education.

Aggregate Related Party Payments

Payments to operating entities that are considered related parties of the Fund as part of normal business operations. The payments are for:

  • Amounts paid to service entities for employee remuneration

  • Financial advice fees deducted from member accounts paid on the direction of the member

  • Product design and administration fees

  • Director and Executive remuneration (also included in the Aggregate Remuneration Expenditure)

Further information is available on our website including: