little by little, until it's life changing

Have you been thinking about adding to your super but don’t know where to begin?

Even small things you do now can make a big difference.  

Making additional contributions doesn’t have to mean a huge financial sacrifice. In fact, making small additional contributions to your super over time can be more effective than stepping up your savings later on.  There are a few ways of making an additional contribution and the good news is, they're super easy to do!

Salary sacrifice

Get your employer to make extra payments before you get paid and reduce your taxable income.

Government co-contributions

Enjoy a potential super boost of up to $500 pa thanks to the government, if eligible.

Tax-deductible personal contributions

Making a personal tax contribution is a great way to give your super investment a boost and reduce your tax bill at the same time.

After-tax contributions

Top up your super from savings or income you’ve already paid tax on and you could enjoy some tax deductions.


Did you know that your spouse can top up your retirement savings and receive a tax offset of up to $540 for themselves? 

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Boost your super while you shop

Active Super members can now shop at partner retailers and receive small top-ups into their super with every eligible purchase. Get boosting today!

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Did you know that rolling over your super can save you on admin fees and paperwork and help your super to grow? Consolidate your other super accounts online in just a few clicks.

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Need help with GROWING YOUR SUPER?

We're here to help you make the most of your super so you can plan for your best life after work.