Being made redundant can be a devastating experience, but it’s important to know what happens with your super. 

If you’ve been retrenched, it’s likely you will receive a redundancy paymentHow much you’ll be paid depends on your salary and years of service.  

Think carefully about how to use this money – there are no guarantees you’ll find another job quickly. If your redundancy payment is large, it can be worth talking to one of our financial advisers about the best way to use the money.  

Accessing your super 

While you’re looking for work, income support payments can be available through Services Australia. If you face a prolonged period between jobs and start to experience financial hardship, there may be opportunities to access your super earlyThis calls for consideration as dipping into your super early can leave you with less to live on in retirement. 

If you’ve been made redundant in your mid-50s or later, you may decide to bring forward your retirement – or perhaps dial down the number of hours you’d like to work. Generally, you can access your super once you reach preservation age – between 55 and 60, depending on your birth date. If this sounds like you, we can explain the different ways to use your super in retirement