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Finding that special someone you’d like to share your life with is exciting! And once the wedding celebrations have wound down, it’s important to take a few steps so your super reflects your new life as part of a twosome. 

If marriage has seen you change your name, you can choose to let us know. More importantly, now is the time to complete, or update, a binding nomination. This lets us know who you’d like to inherit your super if you were to pass away. It’s a good idea to remind your spouse to complete a binding nomination for their own super. 


Update your estate plans 

Your super can’t normally be bequeathed through your will – hence the binding nomination. However, other assets can be, and as part of a married couple it makes sense to have your estate plans in order. 

This means updating your will to reflect your marriage, as well as appointing Enduring Power of Attorney to a trusted person who will make financial decisions on your behalf if you could no longer do this. You can also nominate an Enduring Guardian – a person you legally appoint to make choices around your health and lifestyle in the event you can’t make these decisions yourself. 

Marriage is also a good time to review the personal insurances you have through super. You need to be confident you have appropriate cover in place for yourself and your spouse 


Children bring joy into our lives – and plenty of extra bills! So the arrival of a new baby calls for a review of your finances. 

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Helping your spouse grow their super 

As a couple, you can help your spouse grow their super while potentially enjoying tax savings yourself.  

If your husband or wife earns less than $37,000 annually, you may be entitled to a spouse super tax offset worth up to $540 when you contribute up to $3,000 to their super1. 

You could still be entitled to a partial tax offset even if your spouse earns up to $40,000 annually. It can be a tax-friendly way to grow your other half’s retirement savings. 

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