consolidate your super

With 40% of Australians owning more than one super account, the ATO reports it’s sitting on $13.8 billion worth of unclaimed super1.

How did it get to this? Super is easily lost or forgotten – especially if you’ve changed your job, address or name.  

Why should I combine my super?  

Having more than one super account can mean you’re paying more in admin fees, so consolidating your super could help you build your long-term wealth faster.  

Rolling over your super can save you on admin fees and paperwork and help your super to grow. 

Things to consider 

Before you consolidate your super into one fund, there are things to consider:  

  • Check your insurance cover in your other fund and how it will be affected if you close your account. If you consolidate, it will often be cancelled. You may be eligible to transfer the insurance cover from your other fund(s) to us. 

  • Check and compare the features and benefits of your other super account against your chosen Active Super account.  

How can I find my lost super?  

To find out if you have any lost, unclaimed or other super accounts, simply log into Member Online and go to the 'Consolidate super' tab to begin your search.  

The ATO has introduced additional security measures in response to the concerns around cybercrime and fraud activities. You will be required to verify your ID before you can begin your consolidation search.