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Like my bees, Active Super has been easy for me to keep.

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Once upon a time, it was common for people to stick with one occupation for life. These days, most Australians will have more than one job and even try different occupations on for size. Just ask Hamish.

Originally the Marketing and Communications Manager for Liverpool Council, Hamish now lives in Bowral running his own local marketing agency. But he also has another passion.

Hamish has dabbled in beekeeping since he was a teenager and now he teaches people how to keep bees themselves. Turns out there’s a big demand for his knowledge and Hamish is now considering teaching beekeeping full time.

One thing hasn’t changed over time, however.

"Throughout all my business ventures, I’ve stuck with the same super account," says Hamish. "Like my bees, Active Super has been easy for me to keep."


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