What are the occupational classifications? There are five occupational classifications for calculating premiums:
Class 1 Heavy Manual (Unskilled): Any occupation involving manual work that does not require qualifications or any supervisory element, e.g. garden maintenance or road workers.
Class 2 Heavy Manual (Skilled): Occupations involving manual work where the person holds trade qualifications or is in a supervisory capacity, e.g. tradesmen, linesmen or roadwork supervisors.
Class 3 Light Manual: Those occupations that are predominantly sedentary, but may involve up to 20% of light manual activity, e.g. retail sales or industry sales representative.
Class 4 White Collar: Occupations involving no manual work, e.g. clerical, administrative, managerial or some sales.
Class 5 Professional: Totally white-collar sedentary occupations where the individuals have tertiary qualifications that apply to their current occupation, or are in executive or managerial positions earning $100,000 or more per annum. The earning threshold may be reviewed annually in line with salary inflation.

This quote is based on information provided by the member and is not a guarantee of cover. Insurance will be determined in accordance with the Policy between the Trustee and the Insurer. The Insurer can accept, decline, load the premium or restrict the cover upon assessment of the member's application and medical evidence. The Insurer will determine the appropriate occupation classification & relevant premium.