Michael (42) and Emily (40)

Michael and Emily have three young children, and both admit they haven’t paid enough attention to their finances. The couple have focused on paying off their mortgage, which is all they thought was required to create wealth and retire comfortably. 

As a member of Active Super, Michael knew he could seek affordable financial advice from one of the Active Super financial planners, who could help him and Emily focus on their cashflow and plan for the future. 

Here’s how Lisa, their Active Super financial planner, helped.

Where’s the money going? 

Michael and Emily were uncertain about where the money was coming from and going to, so Lisa gave guidance on budgeting and how they could manage expenses. As a result, they found further capacity to boost their savings.

Paying down debt:  

Michael was paying interest of 13.49% per annum on a $10,000 credit card debt. At the same time, the couple had around $20,000 in an everyday bank account earning next to no interest. Lisa suggested paying off the debt immediately, cutting up the credit card for good, making additional contributions to super and investing the balance in a high interest bank account.

Some for now, some for later: 

Through salary sacrifice, Michael and Emily were both able to reduce their assessable income for tax purposes, and boost their nest eggs for the future.

Protecting their future: 

After an insurance needs assessment, Lisa made recommendations for the couple’s life and total and permanent disablement cover. She also recommended for Michael to take out salary continuance so a portion of his income could be subsidised in the event of prolonged illness or injury. The couple now have peace of mind that their family would be financially secure in unforeseen circumstances. 

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