Ella (64) and Paul (67)

When Paul and Ella retired two years ago, Paul moved his super into an Active Super Account-Based Pension plan, while Ella hadn’t given much more thought to hers since. And while they felt they could live a comfortable retirement, they wanted to eliminate financial stress and enjoy more certainty in their future.

After retiring, the couple agreed that they didn’t want to face any more stress. After all, wasn’t that supposed to be behind them after working hard to get there?

So instead of worrying about the future, they took action and sought the advice of Active Super financial planner, Donna. Donna spoke to them about how to maximise their income throughout their retirement, and access the age pension to supplement their income.

Here’s how Donna, their Active Super financial planner, helped.

Keeping up with the Joneses: 

Ella and Paul had wondered how the Joneses next door, though better-off financially, could access the Age Pension. Donna used strategies to structure their funds so that Paul was eligible for a part Age Pension, which could supplement their income from Paul’s Account-Based Pension, and entitled him to a range of concessions, meaning they could save money elsewhere.

Guaranteed income: 

Donna also introduced Ella and Paul to a solution where they would never run out of income to help pay for the essentials in life, regardless of what happened in financial markets. This also had the potential to boost their Age Pension entitlement over the years.

Peace of mind: 

Both were concerned that their funds may not last their lifetime, so Donna ran some modelling projections, which gave them peace of mind that they would remain comfortable. Donna also completed a risk assessment for Ella and Paul to give them comfort that they were invested appropriately. The results showed that both of them were in an option that matched their risk appetite.

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