09 March 2021: At Active Super we believe the best way to influence the behaviour of others is to set an example and adopt a green office policy by applying more energy-efficient practices in the workplace.

Whether it be the use of organic waste bins for kitchens, consolidating and digitising our member paperwork, or the responsible disposal of hardware and e-waste, Active Super is striving to make the world a better and more sustainable place.

In recognition of our efforts, Active Super has been certified carbon neutral by Climate Active for the second consecutive year and we are one of only five Australian super funds to actively hold this certification. The certification includes all Active Super employees, the Sydney head office and the fund’s seven regional offices.

Active Super has met all the requirements of the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard and closely measures emissions, reducing them where possible, or offsetting them and publicly reporting the results.

“I would like to thank the entire Active Super staff for their ongoing carbon neutral commitment and for all the efforts made by everyone to reduce emissions,” says Active Super Chief Executive Officer Phil Stockwell.

“This is an acknowledgement to our members and the wider community that it is possible to effectively reduce emissions through targeted action.”

Active Supers’ head office is situated at 28 Margaret Street, Sydney and is part of Active Supers' property portfolio which was the first to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active for all the NABERS-rated buildings in the portfolio. 

View the public disclosure statement.