pri assessment results

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) has given Active Super top marks (five stars) in seven categories in its PRI 2021 Assessment Report. The report assesses asset owners’ implementation of responsible investments across a range of asset classes in their investment portfolio.

The report allows asset owners who are signatories to the PRI principles (including many super funds) to track their responsible investment performance year-on-year and see how they compare against other asset owners on a local and global level.    

These scores underline the importance of a comprehensive strategy and strong governance when it comes to responsible investment, as well as the benefits of active ownership in improving environmental, social and governance practices.

Active Super Summary scorecard

Investment & Stewardship Policy 90604 starAbove median
Direct – Listed Equity Active Quant incorporation <10% of FUM 95655 starAbove median
Incorporation means ESG integration
Relates to SRI Overlay
Direct – Listed Equity Active Quant voting 89614 starAbove median
Relates to voting
Relates to SRI Overlay
Direct – Listed Equity
Active Fundamental voting
89544 starAbove median
Relates to our voting
Direct – Listed Equity Passive – voting*< 10% 76573 starAbove median
We don’t vote passive mandates
E.g. Wellington, Challenger, Delaware
Direct - Real estate < 10% 98695 starAbove median
Indirect – Listed Equity – Passive < 10% of FUM 94575 starAbove median
Indirect means we employ fund managers
e.g. Challenger
Indirect – Listed Equity – Active 90675 starAbove median
Indirect – Fixed Income - Active 90434 starAbove median
Indirect – Private Equity < 10% 97635 starAbove median
Indirect – Real Estate < 10% 90715 starAbove median
Listed property trusts
Indirect – Infrastructure < 10% 97775 starAbove median
Indirect – Hedge funds < 10% 83344 starAbove median