We’re not activists, we’re active owners. There are different strategies we can use as shareholders to push for positive change in the companies we invest in. 


It’s important that the companies we invest in are following business practices that align with our responsible investment principles. So, we monitor and engage with selected companies we invest in on ESG issues through our investment managers and industry partners like the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) and CGI Glass Lewis, and also directly as an investor

Proxy voting 

As a shareholder in many of the top listed companies in Australia and around the world, we recognise the importance of exercising our voting rights and generally publish our decisions on our website before the meetings take place.

We consider the recommendations of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors and CGI Glass Lewis when making our voting decisions, but we’re not afraid to stand alone when our opinion differs from these advisers.

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Our voting intentions are generally published on our website so you can see them any time.


In the interests of transparency, we disclose information on our website about our holdingsproxy voting and responsible investment approach so members can see where and how their money is invested.


We work with leading industry bodies to push for positive change on ESG issues, including:  

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We recognise that the prosperity of the economy and the wellbeing of our members depend on a healthy environment, social cohesion and good governance of the companies in which we invest.

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Moya Yip
Head of Responsible Investment, Active Super 

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