Important: name changes to our investment options

If you actively choose your own investment mix with Active Super – as opposed to our default MySuper product which takes care of your investment mix for you – then you need to  know about some changes we’re making to our Choice Investment product.

From 1 October 2021 we’ll be renaming two of the investment options within our Choice Investment products. Balanced Growth will become Balanced, and Balanced will become Conservative Balanced. See the table below.

It might seem like a simple change – and it is – but it brings us more into line with other super funds making it easier for you to compare our performance. So you can be more active with your super.

The changes affect the name only. There are no changes to the way these investment options are managed. 

Names of our Choice Investment options  

Current names Names from 1 October Growth vs Defensive % investment split benchmark
High Growth High Growth 90/10
Balanced Growth Balanced 70/30
Balanced Conservative Balanced 52/48
Conservative Conservative 32/68
Managed Cash Managed Cash 0/100


If you have any questions about these changes and how they affect you, please contact our friendly team.