influencing change

We actively engage with the companies we invest in to make sure they’re doing the right thing.

Being an active shareholder means we make companies walk the talk when it comes to their ESG plans. Here are some of the ways we influence positive change.  

  • We vote for greater gender diversity on boards.

  • We engage with companies to address climate change risk.

  • We vote for greater disclosure on what they are doing regarding climate change risk.

  • We call for a change in management and processes following issues like Rio Tinto’s conduct in the Juukan Gorge.

  • We’ve voted against remuneration reports where the company did not perform for shareholders.

  • We vote for resolutions that we feel will be in the best interests of shareholders, like well qualified directors.

  • We divest from companies that engage in poor ESG practices.

want to see how we vote?

We're totally transparent. Our voting intentions are published on our website so you can see them any time.



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