we're no silent partner

Whenever we invest in a company, we use our say as shareholders to push for positive change.

We’re not activists. We’re active shareholders. We believe that having a seat – and a say – at the table is one of the biggest ways we can bring about change in the world.  

We continually monitor the companies we invest in to ensure they’re meeting our standards for financial performance and ESG impact. If they fall short, we engage in different ways to turn things around. 

Whether it’s voting against big bonuses for bosses or voting for companies to improve their response to climate change, our aim is to actively champion greener, cleaner ways of doing business, from the inside. (See recent examples of where we’ve been influencing change.) 

our first impact report

It’s easy to see how your Active Super investments are performing financially. But how do you know what impact they’re having on the world? This report outlines the key areas of focus including climate change, diversity, good governance and social considerations. It highlights the different ways we assess risk, measure success and continue to prove our commitment to investing for the greater good.

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Proxy voting 

As shareholders, we get to vote at major meetings for most ASX200 companies and some of the world’s largest listed companies as well.  

Rather than act alone, we work with proxy advisors like the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors and CGI Glass Lewis, to harness the collective power of other like-minded shareholders and add more power to our position. 

want to see how we vote?

We're totally transparent. Our voting intentions are published on our website so you can see them any time.

Company engagement 

We regularly engage with the companies we invest in, to ensure their business activities align with our responsible investment principles.  

Sometimes we speak face to face with company board members and executives. At other times we work with fund managers to engage on our behalf, or industry groups like the Australian Council of Superannuation InvestorsThe Responsible Investment Association Australasia and the Investor Group on Climate Change. 

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We recognise that the prosperity of the economy and the wellbeing of our members depend on a healthy environment, social cohesion and good governance of the companies in which we invest.

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Moya Yip
Head of Responsible Investment, Active Super

Industry collaboration 

Combining our voice with other like-minded groups in the industry, helps us to be heard on ESG issues. We regularly work with the following groups, and many others, to push for change: 


You can lead a horse to water. But if companies refuse to do the right thing, or don’t deliver on the ESG promises they’ve made, then we have no choice but to divest.  

Of course, once we walk away, we have no say as a shareholder. So divestment is a last resort for us and happens only after we’ve exhausted all other options. It’s our final statement, sending a signal to companies about their activities and the need for change. 

it's time to get active

Take an active role in your super and invest in a brighter future for everyone.