super with soul

Most Australians just assume their money is being invested responsibly. With Active Super, you know it is.

Our approach 

Unlike some super funds who offer ‘socially responsible’ or ‘ethical’ investment options within their broader portfolio, our responsible investment principles are applied to our entire range of products.

The companies we invest in are assessed for their ability to deliver strong financial performance, as well as their environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact on the world.

Are we in? Or out? 

Once assessed for both performance and ESG impact, companies generally fall into one of three categories. Then we decide whether to invest. 

Our biggest opportunity is here

Companies in this middle section often have the potential to progress up into the top tier. So our decision on whether to invest is often YES, BUT only if we continue to see them making good progress on their ESG commitments.  

As shareholders, we also actively engage with the companies we invest in to make sure they continue to walk the ESG talk. Take a look at recent instances where we’ve been able to influence positive outcomes.