The Defined Benefit Strategy generally invests a high proportion of its funds in growth assets, such as Australian and international equities and property. The balance is invested in income producing assets. This combination aims to earn wage growth plus 2.0%, to be achieved over 10 years. The emphasis is on growth, so bear in mind that there may be what financial professionals call 'short-term volatility' in this strategy. In other words, the value of the investment may fluctuate over the short-term. 


Wage growth plus 2.0%

Risk Profile

As this is a defined benefit scheme any downside risk is effectively underwritten by the Employers.

Time horizon

over 10 years

Asset Allocation

Asset class Current allocation Allocation range
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Asset allocations current at 31 March 2022. Note that the combined investments in Illiquid Asset will not exceed 30%. Illiquid assets are defined as follows: Australian Direct Property; Private Equity; Private Credit; Growth Alternative except Attunga Fund; Infrastructure; International Equities (Only Challenger Index Plus Fund)