February 2022

In this edition, our Chief Investment Officer, Craig Turnbull, outlines how his team navigated a tricky investment climate during the pandemic to deliver superior returns. 

We discuss Active Super’s recent decision to further restrict investments in oil and gas. Plus, we review two recent articles that show how Active Super is ‘running rings around other super funds’ when it comes to disclosure. 

If you’d like to know more about any aspect of our investing, please let us know so we can include it in future editions.

Actively investing our way through the pandemic

In a recent interview, Active Super Chief Investment Officer, Craig Turnbull, revealed how deft decisions resulted in strong returns for Active Super members. Read the article here.  

Reducing our investment in oil and gas

In line with Active Super’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions across our entire portfolio by at least 2050, the Board recently approved more restrictions on investments in oil and gas. This will further reduce our holdings in this sector as we progressively decarbonize our portfolio. 

While the list of additional oil and gas restrictions is confidential, we can confirm that it included around 30 companies in Australia and overseas. What’s more, we’re currently in the process of setting interim emissions targets for 2030. So stay tuned!

Our latest awards

While winning awards isn’t everything, it’s nice to see that doing the right thing pays off. 

In January, Chant West gave us a top-rating of 5 Apples for our Account-Based Pension product based on our fees, investments and customer service, and we also received 5 Heron Quality Stars from Heron Partnership in recognition of our investment arrangements and insurance. 

What’s more, we were once again named as an industry leader by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia, this time in its Super Study 2021. The study maps the array of responsible investment approaches used by Australia’s largest APRA-regulated super funds and other large asset owners, outlining trends and performance. Read the study here.  

Protecting the Amazon rainforest, its wildlife and people

Actively protecting the Amazon rainforest

Rainforests are critical for the survival of our planet, due to their lung-like ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the earth’s atmosphere.

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See how your money is making a difference in Australia

Local investments making a difference

While Active Super invests in companies all around the world, members often like to hear about local examples so they can see how their money is making a difference in Australia. Here are some examples of community infrastructure projects that we’re behind.

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Active Super is leading Australian super funds in its transparency

Active Super ‘running rings around’ other super funds for disclosure

Active Super is leading Australian super funds in its transparency around voting intentions at AGMs, according to an article in The Australian, entitled ‘Time to bring super’s secret ballots into the open’.

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