how could you boost your super balance this EOFY?

End of financial year is almost here. Here's how you can make the most of it. 

Personal contributions

Did you know that making a personal super contribution before the end of financial year could boost your super and also reduce your tax? 

How it works 
  • Make a personal super contribution to your account from your after-tax income before the end of June 
  • If you let us know you intend to claim it as a tax deduction, your personal contribution becomes a concessional super contribution. 
  • This means it can be deducted from your assessable income for 2021/22 financial year
  • This also means you could get a larger refund from the ATO

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How to contribute

Simply login to member online and make a personal contribution to your account by Thursday 30 June. 

Spouse contributions

If you have a spouse who contributes to your super, then we have good news for you both. If they contribute before the end of the financial year, they could receive a tax offset of up to $540 while you enjoy a boost to your retirement savings.

Your spouse could be eligible for the tax offset if:

  • Your income is below $40,000 pa, including all assessable income and reportable fringe benefits.
  • You’re both Australian residents.
  • You are under the age of 67 (or you’re between 67 and 74 and you meet the work test requirements).
  • Your spouse contributes to your super on your behalf using their after-tax income, which they haven’t claimed as a tax deduction.
  • You have not exceeded the non-concessional contribution cap for the current financial year.

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How to contribute 

Simply login to member online and look for the Spouse and Child Contributions BPAY information and ask your spouse to make a personal contribution into your account by Thursday 30 June. 

Government co-contribution

You may be eligible to receive a government co-contribution of up to $500* if you make a personal (after tax) contribution to your super by the end of June.

If you earn less than $56,112 per annum (for 2021/22) and you tick a few other legal boxes, you may qualify.

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How to contribute 

Simply login to member online and make a contribution into your account by Thursday 30 June.