The Growth strategy generally invests a very high proportion of its funds in growth assets, such as Australian and international equities and property. The balance is invested in income-producing assets. This combination aims to earn real investment growth above the CPI over a 10-year period. The emphasis is on growth, so bear in mind there may be what financial professionals call 'short-term volatility' in this strategy. In other words, the value of the investment may fluctuate over the short-term. This volatility is not as great as it is in the High Growth strategy.


3.0% above CPI

Risk Profile

Medium to High

Time horizon

5 years

Asset Allocation

Asset class Current allocation Allocation range
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Asset allocations current at 31 March 2022. Note that the combined investments in Illiquid Asset will not exceed 30%. Illiquid assets are defined as follows: Australian Direct Property; Private Equity; Private Credit; Growth Alternative except Attunga Fund; Infrastructure; International Equities (Only Challenger Index Plus Fund)